20 April 2007

fruit tart

i went to get my hair cut today.
manabu's the best.

i never ever decide beforehand what i want.
basically i go to the salon, sit down, give a blank face,
he suggests something,
and i go, 'OKAY~!'
i dyed my hair black about 3 months ago
and got totally sick of it,
as i always do every few months.
i bet manabu hates me. hurhurhur.
today he gave me highlights
then dyed my whole head a light pinkish brown.

I LURVE IT!... and i love HIM!

really, i love manabu. what will i ever do without him!!
i go to the hairdressers every 4-6 weeks and always
leave happy and satisfied.
it's like eating a chocolate bar.
only you don't get fat.
i mean, finding the perfect hair stylist
who knows exactly what you want,
is almost impossible!
how will i ever find another manabu if i leave japan!

my friend took the photo of me on her mobile...
but the wind blew and you can't see any pink.
heh heh.

we went for speed-shopping after my haircut in aoyama.
as always, dresscamp is fabulous.
there was this hat that i really liked
but maybe a bit too loud, and also,
this trench coat for USD760, or SGD1146.
which, i mean, it was a freaking coat for DRESSCAMP!!!
i thought that was surprisingly cheap.

well, i'm so bloody broke now i can't
afford it, but GOD i wanted it.

went to undercover after that.
undercover is still one of my favorite brands,
but i'm not sure what's gotten into jun takahashi's
(the designer) head. i mean, undercover is known
for being unusual and just out of this world.
not everyone can carry it off.
of course I can lah. nye-nye.
when he came up with 'but beautiful',
he was like my fashion idol.
then he came up with another collection of the same title,
which made me think,
'hmm... is he out of ideas?'
but i mean, it was still good!
THEN he came up with really pretty dresses and jackets
for the spring/summer 07 collection.
i mean, yeah they are nice and pretty,
but if i wanted something pretty
i wouldn't buy undercover, i'd buy chloe.
you know what i mean?
i'd just seen it on style.com.

it's even worse. bleah.

didn't go see comme des garcons today but will probably return to have a look soon.

susie treated me to a fruit tart which i brought home to eat.