09 April 2008

today's get-up 10feb2008

wow, i just found these on my mac. they're like old already, but i thought i'd put them up anyway. whoops!!! i mean, it's not even winter anymore!!

ugh, i'm sorry the pictures are so blur and grainy ok... i have no money to buy myself a spiffy camera yet. this was like the only winter-ish day in new york. i was in soho and it started snowing all of a sudden. seriously, it was howwwwling. after a few seconds my entire coat was covered in snow flakes!

new hair!! (then) now it's old. i got it cut when i was in japan in january, by my super darling, manabu. he's the hair whiz whom i entrusted my hair with for 3 years while i was living in japan. he's more important than a boyfriend. no, really!! i need him so bad. my hair is now flat and not very cool at all. in fact, i sent him a postcard that said something like this:
dearest manabu,
thank you for 3 beautiful years.
i'm lonely in new york. i need you, i want you, i love you!!
please come and save me asap!!
love, gilda
i'm telling you, when you find someone who knows your hair, it might be a more important relationship than some other guy who just holds your hand.