05 April 2008

life is beautiful

i spent the whole day sleeping today. but ah well, i've really been working really hard. we just ended our group project in school. we've been working on it for more than a month, with all of us doing 2 rounds of design croquis. we had 4 people in each group with 4 groups in our class. i'm sure you all know if but hell, group project was not easy at all. having to coordinate stuff ain't ever easy. plus sometimes you might get people who don't bother to give an opinion or don't even show up at school and you have to work extra hard for things to turn out right. you know what they say, whoever they are – "when you want something done right you've gotta do it yourself." that was exactly what happened. i was in charge of drawing the figures (and drawing 21 ain't easy peasy), but had to help with the painting to make sure the collection really looked good. thank god i had 2 other group members who were amazing and did their job well. phew!!

overall i think our collection was pretty successful! we got quite a good grade too. once i get them scanned i'll upload for you guys to see.

other than that, i've been busy but somehow, in the last few weeks, it has been a very exciting time for me. i'm happy doing what i love doing, and i guess that's what matters most.

i've also been watching a lot of japanese tv recently. (don't you love the internet?) i miss japan so much. how many times have i repeated that in the last year!! sorry if you're sick of it, but i do. i miss my friends, i miss the rabbit-hole apartment i used to live in, i miss the food, i miss the shopping, i miss the tv, and i really miss smap. i really do, as stupid as that might sound.

in other exciting news, did you hear that comme des garcons is going to be doing a collaboration with h&m??? holy crap, i was checking my mail on my iphone, while totally half-asleep in bed, and read it in one of my hundreds of fashion email. i can't even begin to tell you how big my eyes opened up and how wide awake that made me in an instant! haha.

i don't buy a lot of things from h&m because it isn't the best quality, but i do go in once in a while and get some stuff that are better made. when they did the collaboration with robert cavalli i was tempted to buy a leopard-print dress but decided against it since i have nowhere to wear it to anyway. but a collaboration with comme des garcons!?!? i'm gonna buy EVERYTHING. if you don't know how big of a fan i am, you haven't been seeing enough of my get-ups. (which reminds me, i haven't posted one of those in a while.)

in other exciting news, x japan is coming to new york in september!!!!! if you call yourself a music or a japan fan, and you don't know x japan, then seriously, shame on you. yes yes yes they jumpstarted the visual rock phenomenon in japan many years ago (and serious they looked quite horrid). but they dress like any other rocker dude now, and they have such amazing melodies, i can't even express it. x japan is a legendary band in japan. they broke up 10 years ago and one of their members had an accidental death after that. it was only just last week that they did 3 reunion concerts. everything that you might have seen or heard about japan's music, has probably had an influence by x japan. not just visual rock, but rock and manga and anime and all kinds of music. even the ex-prime minister, mr koizumi, was a fan and used to go to their concerts.

do yourself a huge favor and search for their videos on youtube. i am in love with yoshiki, the band leader as well as pianist and drummer. yes, he plays both those instruments in concert, and he is probably one of the most talented musicians of our time. i've never seen anyone playing the piano or drums with that kind of passion before. he's truly amazing. he's said to be able to hit the drums at like 800 beats a minute. i don't know if the reports are lying, but anything over a hundred sounds pretty amazing to me. he wears a neck brace during performances because his neck has been injured for years, due to the crazy drum bashing he does. and his fingers apparently always swell and when not playing the piano he has to wear a wrist brace because he's had injuries from over-playing the piano.

i can't express what a talent he is on either instrument. you've really gotta just watch it yourself.

they just announced like 2 days ago that they're gonna be coming to new york as part of their world tour, which they haven't really planned much on. they'll be playing in madison square garden on september 13th. i don't know if i would even be able to buy tickets, considering the number of fans they have worldwide. but you bet your ass i'm gonna try. ahhhhhh!!!

i'm like soooooo excited!!! i've always wished i could go to their concerts, and i never expected for them to ever reunite! holy guacamole!! please go to itunes and listen to their songs. my favorites are their ballads, "tears", "endless rain" and my favorite, "forever love". if you like rock songs, listen to "dahlia", "kurenai" and "rusty nail". oh but whatever, just "forever love" at least. it is so beautiful.

i could listen to it over and over again and find myself loving it even more.