10 July 2007

today's get-up 10july2007

i found the video a couple of days ago, and haven't been able to get it out of my head. it's "joy" by yuki, one half of the now-defunct judy and mary. she has cult-status in japan, particularly in tokyo, where "mode" fashion is alive. it's a kind of look where the girls have either blond or black hair, dress up a little punk but kinda cute, and half dots of pink or orange blush on their cheeks, and sometimes have no eyebrows. (i'm really generalising here, but most of them do) if you look at tokyo street style's harajuku page, you'll see plenty to suit that description!

in my previous school, bunka fashion college, the people there totally idolise her. she's a real fashion leader and looks good all the time. she's 35, doesn't look a day over 20, has a son, and a fantastic career.

the reason why i love this song is, not only is it really catchy, my friends used to sing this all the time at karaoke. i have the best memories of my friends with this song. we used to go crazy singing and imitating the dance steps. it was so fun and i miss them like hell.

your task for today is to watch the video, then go around singing and dancing with your hands like that. trust me, it's oh-so-fun:)

kisses and joy,